Are you still upside down on your mortgage and wondering what you should do?

There are several factors to help you determine the best answer and your options in both buying or selling your home.  Since each circumstance is different, you should look within.  To assist you in this process, first question is, Are you paying your mortgage?

If not, now would be a good time to call me and consider selling.  If you are not paying your mortgage, foreclosures are beginning to move much faster than they have in the past few years.  The foreclosures that were tied up in the court system are being released and the process is moving much faster.  Why have a foreclosure on your record when you can short sell instead, and recover faster?  If you want to explore this further, just call me at 904-671-7160..

If you are paying, are you paying too much?  How does your interest rate compare to the current rates available in the marketplace?  If your current rate is higher, there is no better time to consider a refinance than now.  As long as you are working, you may qualify and the days of low interest rates will not be here too much longer!  With HARP, you can be under water on your mortgage and still be able to qualify.  For more information, contact me today and I will get you in contact with a trustworthy professional that can assist you.

Your financial status is important and your future depends on it.  In my opinion, Home ownership is still the best tangible way to build on your personal assets.  The key is to gain control and empower your financial snapshot on an ongoing basis so you can build from it.  For all your real estate needs, just call me!

Why go it alone?

For a no obligation conversation about your personal real estate needs and an honest professional opinion, please give us a call.

If you are thinking of Buying or Selling or just have a few questions, call Augustina Realty today at 904-671-7160.  

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