What you should expect from your Realtor

While ethical behavior is a requirement of a real estate licensee, professionalism, honesty and integrity is an important mixture that is recommended to represent you.  Do you have the experience of being fully understood and listened to?  If not, who are they listening to and what for?

I recently met with a potential client who wanted to sell their home.  They were in the process of going through a divorce and wanted a clean break; and selling the home was the answer for that.  A new purchase was also going to be part of the equation.  When I looked at the value they could expect to get for their current home, and the market conditions and available properties to purchase, I saw that it was more of a lateral move from a financial perspective and was not necessarily the best avenue for them. 

I helped them explore the possibility of buying one another out and one of them staying in the current home.  While the clean break was the intention and that would not fulfill on that, they opted to sell their home anyway and I was happy to assist them in this process.  The point is, they didn’t make a decision based on emotions.  I helped them to see the entire picture and they made the best choice for them in the end.  We could have just sold their home and in the end, they may have looked back and thought of it all as a mistake, simply due to making an emotional decision and not thinking it through.  Another term for this is Buyer’s Remorse.

It is important to have a partner in your realtor.  Your home is your foundation, and it needs to be secure for you and your family’s success in life! 

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